Creating a coalition across UCSF, bringing together clinician scientists, health services researchers, neuroscientists, geneticists, biostatisticians, and advocates. 
Partnering with NICHD-funded institutions
Optimizing neuroimaging data acquisition and linking investigators into a data sharing network.
Cutting-edge genomics
Locating genetic markers of intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Real world effectiveness
Measurably improving the daily lives of those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Precision medicine
Genetic Testing Leads to ‘Awakening’ for Developmentally Delayed, ‘Nearly Catatonic’ Teen

By Wallace Ravven


The UCSF IDDRC aims to leverage the collaborative and innovative excellence of its member investigators, the broader UCSF environment, and a network of thirteen other NICHD-funded IDDRCS to achieve real world gains in quality of life for individuals with IDDs. 


Four research cores, overseen by a fifth administrative core, will work together synergystically, providing data, education, and other resources to their member investigators. 

  1. Clinical Translation - Advancing the implementation of novel approaches to clinical assessments and studies through collaboration, optimized data acquisition, and education for clinically focused member investigators.
  2. Imaging and Neurophysiology - Fostering technical development through training and expanded neuroimaging capabilities, in order to provide novel insights into IDDRC projects and patient populations.
  3. Genetics and Genomics - Using cutting edge technology, providing insight into not only genetic etiologies, but focused investigation of single gene/genetic locus disorders, leading to genetic candidates for precision medicine.
  4. IDDRC Project - Identifying a novel biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder by linking neurodevelopmental outcomes, genetics, and neural circuits, thus transforming understanding of ASD pathophysiology.